Monday, 12 July 2010

Dutch pie rolls

There is a little bit of me that is Dutch. I have calculated that this part is most probably my left leg, compounded by the fact that my left ankle is aching after the Netherlands extra-time World Cup defeat at the hands of Spain. It could also have been exacerbated by my insistence on leaping in a gazelle-like manner for reasons known only to myself and my equally gazelle-esque colleagues.

On a pie note, I was very much hoping that the Australia thing was the beginning of a pie roll, and that perhaps I would be in line for a stream of publishing luck. This does not appear to be the case, and although I am almost ecstatic that my short story is being published (thus rendering me an actual 'freelance writer), I am also concerned that it is the only story I have ever written that hasn't come from my heart. Maybe the real stuff should be written for cathartic purposes only. A good friend of mine quite rightly pointed out that we all have to compromise, and that perhaps this is mine. Stories that skim the surface of reality; I can live with that. Thank you, my good friend.

I hope that isn't a mosquito that just landed on my face.

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