Friday, 23 July 2010

Being famous

I may go into hiding, for I am now famous. My fringe and eyes were broadcast on, as Jeremy Kyle would put it, 'national television.' Nobody else refers to the television as 'national television,' mainly because there is no need. 'Television' would surely suffice?

I am frightened that I will be papped if I step outside the house, as the general public will have a yearning to know what is going on 'behind the fringe'. Which, incidentally, will
be the title of my autobiography.

A still from my national television debut is evidenced below:

Location:Parker Rd,Hastings,United Kingdom


  1. yes very nice fringe where did you get it from ?

  2. dear Fringe,

    Pleas please do tell where you got that Fringe look from i would very much like to get more information for my book that I am writing currently fringes ''all shapes and colors'' I believe your look would be great on our winter brocherure Kindes regards a frnge lover

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I appreciate your comments and your slightly worrying obsession with my fringe. If you like, I will cut a small piece from it and post it to you. I cannot tell you where I purchased aforementioned fringe, as I fear that the whole world will want one, resulting in a repeat of the 'Rachel from Friends' haircut debacle of the 1990s. It's a worry.